About Us | Merely Home

Husband, Wife and two small children standing in front on a tress with leaves on the ground.

We are a husband and wife team with two small children and we get it! Having a lot of stuff and trying to keep a tidy household is hard enough, let alone when you have kids! Merely Home was created by two parents who know this feeling all too well. Over time, we've picked up some great methods for managing the mess, but we still found that there were gaps in what products were available to help us declutter our lives.  

Our mission is to help you create a life that is organized, intentional, and focused. Each of our products will be designed to ease the chaos in your home & life so you can enjoy the moments that vanish so quickly.

At Merely Home, we don't just want to create organizing solutions that look good. We want our products to be both practical and elegant because a well-organized home can lead to a more productive and efficient lifestyle. Whether it is de-cluttering your home, setting up a home office, or managing your schedule, we want our products to help you make time for the things that are important to you.  Take control of your home with Merely Home!